Brand Story

Redefine your life


Attacus atlas, they said to be named after either the Titan of Greek mythology, by its map-like wing patterns and the largest shape in terms of wingspan, is considered to the largest saturniid moth in this world.
The journey of the attacus atlas turning into moths is full of challenges.  They have to overcome the difficulties from the environments and fight against the natural enemies for survival.  The process of the attacus atlas breaks the cocoon to turn into moth is a series of transformation, which is similar to the spirit of doing sports, as when one is determined to step on the journey of exercise to pursue a better self, which also means he/she is ready to take the challenges and undergo the transformations for renewal.

Changes from now

Attacus is named after the image of Attacus atlas, which symbols the most profound determination and the willing power for enduring changes and transformation. The bright red logo symbols the enthusiasm and power of the runners, the curve line of the logo carries the meaning of lives for seeking growth and transformation by experiencing the inner and outer changing cycles of life.

Brand Story

Standing from Taiwan, embracing Asia, looking towards worldwide

“Attacus” set out from Taiwan; break into Asian and global markets by its uniqueness designs and multiple applications. We combine the Apps and the cloud integration system for offering users a new aspect of sensory experiences from Attacus series of products. Either on the developments, the designs or the production processes of the products, Attacus insist to make our best effort to enrich the lives of our users. 

Redefine your life, ATTACUS.