Star 2

  • ●Built-in 9-axis G-Sensor, Gyroscope, and M-sensor
  • Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, strength training are all covered 24/7 in your reports. See your step count, distance, total time, calorie-burn, sleep quality, and heart rate zones recorded by Star 2.
  • ●5ATM Waterproof
  • Professional waterproof specification
  • ●Multi sports mode
  • → Indoor and outdoor modes
  • → Auto swimming stroke-type recognition
  • → Connectable with bike sensors
  • → Trace Back features for hiking
  • → Strength training recording
  • ●Full Workout Report Storage
  • All the activity types and reports will be automatically uploaded to the GPT Center, detailed analysis report can be view for future reference.
  • ●Standby up to 23 days, and GPS mode up to 13 hours
  • The enduring battery life allows you to enjoy your favorite sports and feel ready for more adventures.
  • ●Connect with other heart rate monitors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.
  • ●New Lifestyle
  • With Star2’s simple and fashionable design plus the waterproof feature, it is suitable not just for sports but also everyday life.
  • Brightened up your life by watch face options and notification settings.
  • ●Connectable to heart rate monitor sensors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.
  • ●Connect your sporty side to your social life through uploading your sports achievement.



Star2 GPS sports Watch-Operation Manual



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